Nicole B

Nicole B


Nicole is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Washington. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Nicole was an active member of Cheer Seattle, one of the Pride Cheerleading Association (PCA) teams. After moving to D.C., her love of the mission and vision of PCA inspired her to bring Cheer DC to life. 


Brandi A

Vice President

Brandi is an Advanced Academics teacher with masters degrees in Child Development/Family Studies, Elementary Education, and Reading Curriculum Development from West Virginia University. She was a cheerleader at WVU. Brandi is a teacher in the DC Metro area and excited to continue cheerleading through Cheer DC. 

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Luke J

Strategy and Organizational Development Director

Luke is a Business Strategist and expert in Organizational Development. He has his Master of Occupational Therapy from West Virginia University and is currently enrolled at the George Washington University to obtain his Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. A former WVU Varsity and competitive all-star cheerleader, Luke has been a passionate cheerleader for over 15 years.


Holly J

Communications Director

Holly is a Public Relations Professional with a master's degree in PR from the Kent State University. She is a life-long cheerleader having cheered and danced as an undergrad at the Florida State University. 2018 marks her 17th coaching season and her seventh trip to the National Cheerleading Championships as a coach. 


Harriet D


Harriet is a Security Professional with a master's degree in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis from Michigan State University. She is a native Texan and started cheering as an undergrad at Rice University. As a former board director for a different non-profit in the greater DC area, she is excited to combine her excitement for cheerleading with her passion for charitable work via Cheer DC.


Carrie D


Carrie is an attorney at a law firm in the DC Metro area, where her practice focuses on civil litigation.  Carrie is a former college cheerleader at The University of Pennsylvania, and she is thrilled to be able to help build Cheer DC and to continue cheering.


Crystal K

Community Relations Director