BOARD of directors

Nicole B

Nicole B


Nicole is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Washington. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Nicole was an active member of Cheer Seattle, one of the Pride Cheerleading Association (PCA) teams. After moving to DC, her love of the mission and vision of PCA inspired her to bring Cheer DC to life. 


Brandi A

Vice President of Team

Brandi is an Advanced Academics teacher with masters degrees in Child Development/Family Studies, Elementary Education, and Reading Curriculum Development from West Virginia University. She was a cheerleader at WVU. Brandi is a teacher in the DC Metro area and excited to continue cheerleading through Cheer DC. 

TLJ HeadShot.jpg

Luke J

Vice President of Strategy and Organizational Development

Luke is a Business Strategist and expert in Organizational Development. He has his Master of Occupational Therapy from West Virginia University and is currently enrolled at the George Washington University to obtain his Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. A former WVU Varsity and competitive all-star cheerleader, Luke has been a passionate cheerleader for over 15 years.


Crystal K

Community Relations Director

Crystal is a makeup artist and master stylist, as well as the Director of fundraising for Team DC. Crystal is an advocate for emotional and physical well-being. Her can-do persona, experience, and passion for cheer are instrumental to the volunteer component of Cheer DC.

Hayley_headshot (1).png

Hayley d

Communications Director

Hayley is a PhD candidate in Molecular Oncology with a master's degree in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics from the George Washington University. Hayley formerly cheered at the University of Pennsylvania, and is happy to use her communication skills to promote the mission of Cheer DC. 


Casey E


Casey is the CEO at Unlocking Potential, a foundation that aids in individual leadership development. Casey graduated from the University of Virginia, where she cheered and earned a degree in Government and Foreign Affairs. 


Carrie D


Carrie is an attorney at a law firm in the DC Metro area, where her practice focuses on civil litigation. Carrie is a former college cheerleader at the University of Pennsylvania, and she is thrilled to be able to help build Cheer DC and to continue cheering.


COACHing staff


Andy J

Head Coach

Andy cheered at WVU, and then went to Kaplan Career Institute for his degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. He now serves as a Director of Rehabilitation. His creativity and compassion are clearly reflected in his choreography and in his performance.


Nam N

Assistant Coach

Nam is an award-winning stylist who keeps Cheer DC looking good both through his hair-styling skills and eye for coaching detail. He has cheered and coached at West Springfield High for many years, and has previously coached and choreographed for Cheer DC's pom team.



Sarah s

Assistant Coach

Originally hailing from Michigan, Sarah is a former aviation-appraiser-turned-cheer-coach. Her years of experience in cheer, from performing to coaching, and her emphasis on clean execution make her an asset to the team. 


marc b

Technique and Skills Coach

Marc, one of the original founders of Cheer DC in the early 2000s, has been instrumental to the resurgence and success of this team. He brings years of all-star, high school, and college cheer experience to the team, with substantial experience in both performing and coaching. He has a Master of Public Administration from American Public University currently serves as the Dean of Students at a local high school.




Caroline f


Caroline is a PhD candidate in Education and the Academic Specialist for the Mason LIFE program at George Mason University. She cheered in Virginia in high school, and despite her love for the University of Alabama, has returned to the area to finish her graduate work and cheer once more. Her high energy, quick wit, and no-nonsense attitude serve her well as Cheer DC's second captain.