Meet a Member: Fumika


Where are you from? Tokyo, Japan

Why did you join Cheer DC? I cheered in Japan and experiencing authentic cheer in the U.S. had been my heart’s desire. Taking the opportunity of moving to DC for study, I googled cheer teams in DC and finally found out this amazing team supporting the LGBTQ community. I was anxious if Cheer DC would accept me since I am not American, but the warm welcome made me feel like family. Cheer DC made my life in the U.S even more special and my dream came true!

Hidden Talent? I can sleep anywhere.

Guilty Pleasure? Impulse shopping and hoarding clothes!

Favorite Holiday? New Year’s Eve! I like staying up till midnight and watching the ball drop.

Dream Vacation? Traveling around national parks on the Earth. (The picture is Yellowstone National Park)

Cannot live without? Coffee!