Meet a Member: Rho

Meet Rho

Where are you from? Prince Georges County, MD

Why did you join Cheer DC? I joined Cheer DC because cheer is life, duh! I remember my last year cheering all star and thinking to myself, "well this sucks. No more choreo, no more tumbling, no more stunts." It was pretty sad. I really thought my cheerleading days were over and BOOM! Cheer DC pops up. Not only am I back in the sport I love (if you don't acknowledge cheering as a sport I don't acknowledge you!) I've had a chance to meet amazing people and support some pretty awesome causes.

Hidden Talent? My team doesn't know this but I'm actually a bomb backspot... I'm just short.

Guilty Pleasure? Shoes. I'm legit a shoe hoarder and it's not even cute. I'm giving some away though...

Favorite Holiday? Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. The songs, colors, warmth, all that stuff makes me all tingly inside.

Dream Vacation? Anywhere tropical... that serves rum punch!

Cannot live without? MUSIC! Can you imagine a world without music?? That's lame as hell, smdh.