Vice President

Meet a Member: Brandi


Honors: Most Dedicated (70 volunteer hours in the 2017-2018 season)

Distinguishing characteristics: sassy, passionate, talented, feisty, courageous, philanthropic

Origin: Deep Creek Lake, MD

Day job: 6th grade Advanced Academics teacher and high school cheer coach

Passions: Cheer, rescue pup Ottis, and her "hubbies"/BFFs/roomies

Biggest goal/dream: Write a tween/teen book on bullying

Fatal flaw: A blessing and a curse, this girl has no filter - what you see is what you get

Fun fact: Brandi has now performed in several Pride parades from coast to coast and was this year's sole Cheer DC representative at San Diego Pride

"The sport of cheerleading fills her whole heart. She embodies the spirit of a charitable cheerleader." - Crystal K.