Cheer DC

Meet a Member: Rho

Meet Rho

Where are you from? Prince Georges County, MD

Why did you join Cheer DC? I joined Cheer DC because cheer is life, duh! I remember my last year cheering all star and thinking to myself, "well this sucks. No more choreo, no more tumbling, no more stunts." It was pretty sad. I really thought my cheerleading days were over and BOOM! Cheer DC pops up. Not only am I back in the sport I love (if you don't acknowledge cheering as a sport I don't acknowledge you!) I've had a chance to meet amazing people and support some pretty awesome causes.

Hidden Talent? My team doesn't know this but I'm actually a bomb backspot... I'm just short.

Guilty Pleasure? Shoes. I'm legit a shoe hoarder and it's not even cute. I'm giving some away though...

Favorite Holiday? Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. The songs, colors, warmth, all that stuff makes me all tingly inside.

Dream Vacation? Anywhere tropical... that serves rum punch!

Cannot live without? MUSIC! Can you imagine a world without music?? That's lame as hell, smdh.

Meet a Member: Caroline

Meet Caroline

Where are you from? Springfield VA

Why did you join Cheer DC? While my prime cheerleading days (if you could even call them that) were in HS, I've always loved the sport. When my good friend Nam told me about Cheer DC, I thought it sounded SO much fun. I'm glad I listened to him, he's right every once and a while!

Hidden Talent? I shamelessly will attempt to make any situation punny... what's life without a little pun?

Guilty Pleasure? Not the fact I have a sweet tooth… but the drastic measures I take to ensure it is always just on the border or satiation. One-pound bag of Swedish Fish, bring it on!

Favorite Holiday? The first Alabama football game of the season, ROLL TIDE!

Dream Vacation? Somewhere that I can do adventurous things, unwind watching a killer sunset, and eat fabulous food. Can someone pinpoint this place and book me a trip?

Cannot live without MAKE UP! Especially my highlighter, I love to glow in the dark.